• Pregnant Then Screwed Joeli
    March 20, 2018
    To be honest, I’m not one for joining in with online conversations, discussing my favourite fungal cream or sharing my recipe for jam on toast, I’ve got enough to do, thanks. The thing is, when I got sacked by my employer the day after I told them I was pregnant, I had never felt so alone. I would have given anything to talk to people who understood how I was feeling and could give me advice on what to do next, but that wasn’t possible. There were thousands of women across the country who knew just how I was feeling, who could have comforted and guided me through one of the most difficult periods of my life but I didn’t know where to find them.

    Since then, I’ve lost count of the number of parents who have come to Pregnant Then Screwed for help, needing someone to talk to who just gets it. And it’s not only about those who get pushed out of their job for daring to procreate, it’s about all the crap that pregnant women and working parents face every single day. From unsteady mental health, to employers refusing flexible working requests, to fathers encountering ridiculous bias if they want to spend time with their kids, to people who are considering starting a family wondering how they can protect their career, to bullying and harassment from colleagues due to your personal responsibilities. Our forum is about us working together to fix these challenges and find solutions.

    A couple of years ago we started a mentor programme which pairs up women who have been through an employment tribunal with a woman about to go through that process to act as a friend, comrade and shoulder to cry on. The results were astounding. The women felt so much more confident to continue with the tribunal process, they said the mentor programme had significantly reduced their stress and feeling of isolation. With less than 1% of women who experience discrimination even raising a claim, we knew that the mental health of the victim was being ignored and we had found a simple but effective way of dealing with some of those issues. We hope that ‘Work It Out’ helps us expand the love.

    Mother Pukka has always been my sister in arms, fighting to change the working world for parents. While I ask people to dress as the walking dead, she flings about in lycra. I run a free legal advice line and she travels around the country talking to businesses about the business benefits of flexible working. We both use social media as our tool to communicate our message as wide as it will go (though, admittedly she does that a lot better than I do). The point is, collaboration decreases perspiration. Well that’s not quite the point but you get my drift, and suffice to say that I am over to moon to launch this forum with Mother Pukka as my team mate. I know this forum will come to mean so much to many working parents and parents to be and I am delighted that Pregnant Then Screwed can be part of that.

    Lurking on the forum are some of the brilliant experts we have met along our journey - Danielle Ayres is a specialist employment lawyer from Gorvins Solicitors who runs our free legal advice line, Anna Ives is a specialist in flexible working requests from HR Puzzle, you will also find some of our mentors including: Charlotte Scoular, Rika Lennard and Jen Jones.

    We can’t wait to see what we can achieve when we all start talking.

    Joeli, founder of Pregnant Then Screwed

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