• Cat ImagePregnancy, Maternity and Paternity discrimination
    Do you believe your employer is discriminating against you because you are pregnant or you have taken time out to care for children?

    Have you asked to take paternity leave and found your boss just couldn't understand why a man would want to spend time with his kids?

    Had your career stagnated, have you been made redundant, sacked, demoted, bullied or harassed?

    What are my rights while pregnant?
    What are my rights while I am on parental leave?
    What are my rights when I return?
  • Cat ImageShared Parental Leave
    We love shared parental leave and want everyone to enjoy it's benefits, but it can be an absolute minefield to navigate what you are entitled to.

    Have any questions about shared parental leave?
    Wondering what shared parental leave is?
    Wondering why you should bother?
  • Cat ImageReturning to work and Childcare solutions.
    What are the challenges you have encountered when returning to work?
    What advice would you give to someone in the same position as you?
    What's the best childcare solution for you?
    What programmes exist that people can utilise to help them get back to work after a career break?
    What can we do to change an employers perception of returners?
  • Cat ImageFlexible Working
    Are you about to make a flexible working request for the first time?
    Not sure where to begin or need some help to make the release the best it can be?
    It can be hard to find part time or flexible work with only 10% of jobs advertised as potentially flexible.
    Get hints and tips on how to find good quality flexible work
  • Cat ImageFlexible working request denied
    Have you made a flexible working request to your employer and they refused it?
    Trying to work out what to do now?
    Please do not name companies in your posts , if you choose to name companies you do so at your own risk
  • Cat ImageGood employers
    Want to tell us about how brilliant your employer has been? There's nothing like hearing about all the good experiences out there to warm the cockles
  • Cat ImageRunning your own business
    Many parents discover their inner entrepreneur when they have kids.

    Discuss your business with others and get handy tips on managing a business and multiple humans
  • Cat ImageMental Health and Wellbeing
    Have you had low confidence and self esteem since having kids and can't seem to get your mojo back?

    Discuss how you're feeling with others, you will be surprised how many parents feel the same
  • Cat ImageGeneral
    General discussions

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