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    @Danielle from Gorvins Solicitors is an employment lawyer from Gorvins Solicitors who specialises in pregnancy, maternity and paternity discrimination
    @Anna from HR Puzzle founded HR Puzzle and is an expert in flexible working. She can help you make a flexible working request and can answer questions on when the best time to do this might be.
    @Helen Guilty Mothers Club founded the Guilty Mothers Club, she is an expert in confidence, how to have an effective return to work after parental leave, and a coach.
    @Louise D-S Founded the Daisy Chain, she specialises in flexible working
    @Andrea Jennings is a HR specialist who can answer questions on discrimination and flexible working
    @Imelda Bamford Carter is Head of Events for 923 Recruitment - a specialist recruitment agency for flexible working.
    @Cheney Hamilton is the founder of Mummy Jobs and Daddy Jobs - a specialist recruitment agency for working parents
    @Helena Curtis from This Mama Rocks has a background in HR and now coaches working mums to grow amazing careers and families without burning out.
    @Rheafrom By Day. They specialise in matching project based work with flexible professionals

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  • Marie Mutter
    Searching for sabbatical refusal advice. I recently returned to my teaching job from maternity leave. I knew childcare was impossibly expensive for two and so requested a year’s sabbatical, following a four month return period. I was told (informally) that it should be very simple. The day I returned to work (four months later) I was called into a meeting and told that the local authority ‘didn’t do sabbaticals’. I was crushed as it was too late to organise any firm of childcare and I didn’t want to resign. I also wanted to believe that this was true. I have since regained some confidence and decided to call the local authority. It’s not true. They said they actively encourage ‘employment breaks’. I don’t know what to do. I’ve resigned and will need a reference at some point, but I feel deeply let down by someone I thought to be a close friend and colleague. Any advice would be gratefully received x
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