• Sophie
    Hi there, not sure if you can help advise me at all but I am currently on maternity leave (since end of Nov 2017). My employer has just announced their annual pay increase across the company. I was informed of this by my colleague who is in the same role as myself. He informed me of his increase which was £1000. I haven't received any correspondence from my employer informing me of a pay increase but after having to try and access my HR account from home I can see my pay has increased but only by £500.
    The pay increase is manager's discretion and they supposedly decide what we get based on different factors- none of which are transparent so they are able to fob off easily! Would I have a case for discrimination? I had a payrise in October 2017 after addressing my low pay (compared to male coworkers) to my boss and after completing the numerous objectives set out for me achieved a payrise. However I feel that as my coworkers have not had to do this for our annual payrise, the fact I had an increase in November is irrelevant and the objectives I had to complete which no one else has had to are completely undermined! I hope this makes sense as I have just found out and am livid and angry typing! The stats from their gender paygap were released recently and it is massively in favour of males and I feel this has reflected it even more. Is there anything I can do @Danielle from Gorvins Solicitors ?
    Many thanks.
  • Danielle from Gorvins Solicitors
    Hi Sophie - Given that there can be different reasons why the pay rise is given, I think at this stage what I would do is raise further informal enquiry, confirming that you know that your colleague's pay rise was more than yours and questioning why there is such a difference when you both do the same job etc. I would say that at this stage, you hope there will be an explanation or a way to resolve it without you having to take any further steps, but that you reserve your position to do so at a later stage if the explanation is not forthcoming or acceptable.

    Hope that helps, but let me know if you need anything further. Danielle
  • Sophie
    Much appreciated, Danielle. Writing an email now. Many thanks.
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