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    I could really do with some advice on a situation at work which has just arisen. There's a lot of info to get across so thought it best to bullet point it:

    - I have been working for the same company for 5 years and 7 months. It's a sales based business and I am their group marketing manager. I live close to one of the 3 branches in the group (10 min drive) so this is the branch I am based in with monthly visits to the other two branches. One is an hour from my home, the other is 2 hours from my home.
    - I work 4 days per week (monday to thursday) 9.30am until 4.30pm
    - I am due to go on maternity leave next Thursday (21st June) baby due by c-section w/c 9th July
    - Last Thursday it was announced that the branch I work out of has been sold to two of the existing employees. They have retained all staff accept from me. I was told (by the people buying the branch and not the group I work for) that my job was remaining with the group. I asked how it would impact me regarding where I would work etc and they obviously didn't know.
    - A week on and I have finally managed to have a meeting with a group director to ask how the buy out will impact on my job. I have been told that when I return from maternity leave I will be expected to work out of the branch which is 2 hours from my home. I would be expected to work the same hours and the same days. My job can easily be done remotely so I have asked if I can work from home for 3 days and work at the branch one day a week (still not entirely happy with that, but it felt like a compromise). They have said that they will consider it over the weekend, but are unlikely to agree.
    - I will be paid SMP for my maternity, I have a company car which I will keep during that time and a company lap top.

    My question is what are my options in this scenario and where do I stand legally? The travel costs, childcare costs and additional time away from my family is going to cripple us.

    I have considered asking to be made redundant, but will I lose my maternity pay? I will obviously also lose my car in this scenario and we can't afford to buy another one right now. I've check what my redundancy pay will be and it's going to be £1900 so not a lot.

    Any advice would be really appreciated. As you can probably imagine I am seriously stressed right now - not helpful at 36 weeks pregnant.

    Thanks in advance.
  • AnnaPrince
    @Danielle from Gorvins Solicitors I meant to tag you in the above. Thanks Anna
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