• Kate
    Hi. I have a bit of a dilemma here...

    So when I was arranging my maternity leave, my other half lost his job. I therefore opted for the company’s 6-week maternity, foregoing SMP as my outgoings are higher.

    As an FYI, my office is 36 miles from home and although it’s a standard 9-5, if I want to be able to park locally I need to leave around 6am and don’t get home until anywhere between 6:30-8pm.

    Two weeks before I gave birth my OH got another job.

    I worked up until contractions started, gave birth next day (Spet. 11), and took my remaining holiday to extend my leave until yesterday (Nov. 9).

    I’m working from home while breastfeeding as of Monday, but the office wants me (and babe if necessary, so with babe) on Tuesday to a) discuss my role going forward and b) to find out how soon I’ll be back in the office.

    I personally don’t want to miss this stage with my little one. She’s just started saying goo goo ga ga! I go back to the office with the frequency I know my manager will want, I’ll miss her first steps, her first words, everything.

    Anyway, my other half wants me to take the SMP. (Followed by a stern “If they don’t let you, quit.”)

    Would I be able to do that, given as how I’ve already finished the company’s 6 weeks as well as having taken holiday? I tried explaining all this to Citizens Advice but all they told me was that I can take 6 months up to a year - I don’t think they understood the situation. If anyone here knows, I’d be grateful. (Would this be one for the solicitors? I genuinely don’t know!)@Danielle from Gorvins Solicitors
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