Forum rules

  • Hi there,
    We are super chuffed to welcome you to our forum, but I am afraid we do have to be a right old bore and put some rules in place, otherwise, who knows what chaos it might descend into - one minute we will be patting each other on the back and sending each other love emojis and the next minute it will be like a virtual Lord of the Flies.
    So, look, in the main, common sense prevails, but in the absence of common sense here are some pointers:
    1) No selling - this is not a place to sell your products no matter how lovely they are. Any sales posts will be removed
    2) No obscenity - we've all seen body parts in rude and awkward positions, but this is not the place for those. If you're feeling a bit randy then there are plenty of other websites for that type of thing
    3) Don't be rude - just be kind people. Turn that frown upside down. If you start directing hate towards another member then you will be banned
    4) Don't share - Some of the things said on here might be said in confidence, if you start screenshotting (is that a word?) comments or talking about users on other platforms then I am afraid you will be removed.
    Besides that - have fun y'all

    Love, Pregnant Then Screwed and Mother Pukka