Pregnant Then Screwed

  • Pregnant Then Screwed is a project and campaign which wants to see an end to the motherhood penalty. We protect and support parents who are the victims of pregnancy and parental leave discrimination and we campaign for legislative change. The campaign launched in 2015 after the founder, Joeli, was herself a victim of pregnancy discrimination. She informed her employer she was pregnant and the next day they sacked her by voicemail. Alone, broke and terrified about what this meant for her future, she then discovered she was having a high risk pregnancy forcing her to not take any legal action. Pregnant Then Screwed was established as a way of allowing parents to regain control by exposing the issue.

    54,000 women a year lose their jobs for daring to procreate and 77% of working mums encounter discrimination in the workplace. For most families, both parents have to work to survive, yet our system is preventing many women from having both a family and a career. This creates serious poverty for some, and affects the number of women in senior positions within business and the government.

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